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No.1   South Vietnam’64
No.2   Agricultural Problem (I)
No.3   Contribution to the History of Dien Bien Phu
No.4   I/Nguyen Du and Kieu - II/Cultural Activities in the D.R.VN
No.5   Education in the D.R.VN
No.6   Health Organizations in the D.R.VN
No.7   Pages of History (1945 - 1954)
No.8   South Vietnam (1954 - 1965), Articles & Documents
No.9   With the Fighters of Quang Binh-Vinh Linh
No.10   Vietnamese Women
No.11   Failure of “Special War” (1961-1965)
No.12   Vietnam: Fundamental Problems
No.13   Agricultural Problems (II): Rice
No.14   Literature and National Liberation in South Vietnam
No.15   Mountain Regions and National Minorities in the D.R.VN
No.16   In Face of American Aggression (1965-1967)
No.17   South Vietnam (1968): The Democratic Republic of Vietnam at War
No.18&19   South Vietnam: Realities and Prospects
No.20   American Failure
No.21   Traditional Vietnam: Some Historical Stages
No.22   The Year 1968
No.23   South Vietnam: From the National Front for Liberation to the Provisional Revolutionary Government
No.24   A Century of National Struggle (1947-1955)
No.25   Twenty-Five Years of Health Work
No.26   Glimpses of U.S. Neo-Colonialism (I)
No.27   Agricultural Problems (III): Some Technical Aspects
No.28   Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia (1969-1970)
No.29   Chemical Warfare
No.30   General Education in the D.R.VN
No.31   Glimpses of U.S. Neo-Colonialism (II): U.S. Neo-Colonialism in South Vietnam
No.32   Ethnographical Data (I)
No.33   Indochina: 1971-1972
No.34   Rural Health Work and Disease Prevention
No.35   Glimpses of U.S. Neo-Colonialism (III): U.S. Neo-Colonialism in Southeast Asia
No.36   Ethnographical Data (II)
No.37   Hue, Past and Present
No.38   Agricultural Problems (IV): Agronomical Data
No.39   Indochina: the 1972-1973 Turning Point
No.40   Linguistic Essay
No.41   Ethnographical Data (III)
No.42   Glimpses of U.S. Neo-Colonialism (IV): U.S. Neo-Colonialism in South Vietnam. The Vietnamization of the War
No.43   Dien Bien Phu: Before-During-After
No.44   Economic Policy and National Liberation War
No.45   Saigon (I): From the Beginnings to 1945
No.46   Archaeological Data (I)
No.47   Glimpses of U.S. Neo-Colonialism (V): Collapse of Neo-Colonist Regimes in Indochina
No.48   Hanoi (I): From the Origins to the 19th Century
No.49   Cultural Problems
No.50   Traditional Medicine
No.51   Agricultural Problems (V): The Management Cooperatives
No.52   Cultural Problems (II)
No.53   The Catholics and the National Movement
No.54   Face to Face with U.S. Armed Forces (I)
No.55   Our Military Tradition
No.56   The Confucian Scholars in Vietnamese History
No.57   Face to Face with U.S. Armed Forces (II)
No.58   Vietnam 1975-1979
No.59   Nghe Tinh, Native Province of Ho Chi Minh
No.60   Scientific and Technical Problems (I)
No.61   The Traditional Village (I)
No.62   Handicrafts
No.63   Essays on Vietnamese Civilization (I)
No.64   The Disabled, Their Right of Life
No.65   The Traditional Village (II)
No.66   The Struggle against Drugs
No.67   Scientific and Technical Problems (II)
No.68   Medico-Sanitary Work in a Village
No.69   American Neo-Colonialism in South Vietnam (1954-1975)
No.70   Miscellany
No1 (71)   Vietnamese Studies
No2 (72)   Dossier of the Chemical War
No3 (73)   The Mekong Delta (I)
No4 (74)   Micellany
No5 (75)   The Mekong Delta (II) - Social and Economic Conditions
No6 (76)   Miscellany
No7 (77)   Essays on Vietnamese Civilization (I)
No8 (78)   Quang Nam - Da Nang
No9 (79)   Miscellany
No10 (80)   Special issue on Ancient Arts of Vietnam
No11 (81)   Special issue on Nghia Binh, the Land of Tay Son
No12 (82)   Miscellany
No13 (83)   The Traditional Arts of Hue
No14 (84)   Miscellany
No15 (85)   The Vietnamese Revolutionary Press
No16 (86)   Miscellany
No17 (87)   Vietnamese Modern Theatre (Kich and Cai Luong)
No18 (88)   Miscellany
No19 (89)   Lang Son, a Border Province
No20 (90)   Miscellany
No21 (91)   Bicentenary of the Great French Revolution, 1789 and US
No22 (92)   Cambodia Dossier - Witnesses and Chronology
No23 (93)   Miscellany
No4-1989 (94)   Vietnamese History and Systems of Thought
No1-1990 (95)   Miscellany
No2-1990 (96)   Scientific and Technological Problems
No3-1990 (97)   Khmer Culture in the Mekong Delta (Southern Vietnam)
No4-1990 (98)   Miscellany
No1-1991 (99)   Miscellany
No2-1991 (100)   Ancient Town of Hoi An
No3-1991 (101)   Temple of Literature
No4-1991 (102)   Traditional Games of Vietnam
No1-1992 (103)   Miscellany
No2-1992 (104)   The Child and His Problems
No3-1992 (105)   Vietnamese Traditional Arts
No4-1992 (106)   Vietnamese Village in Recent Times
No1-1993 (107)   Miscellany
No2-1993 (108)   Vietnamese Buddism (I)
No3-1993 (109)   The Traditional Family in Transitional Period
No4-1993 (110)   Pho Hien: The Centre of International Commerce in the XVIIth-XVIIIth Century
No1-1994 (111)   Confucianism in Vietnam
No2-1994 (112)   The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Minority Ethnic Groups in Southeast Asia
No3-1994 (113)   The Cult of Ancestors - Familial Problems
No4-1994 (114)   South-East Asian Cultures
No1-1995 (115)   New Peasants of the Red River Delta
No2-1995 (116)   Miscellany
No3-1995 (117)   Miscellany
No4-1995 (118)   Children’s Health: Influence of the Natural and Social Environment
No1-1996 (119)   Miscellany
No2-1996 (120)   Archaeological Data (II)
No3-1996 (121)   Religions and Popular Beliefs in Vietnam
No4-1996 (122)   Forest and Sylviculture in Vietnam
No1-1997 (123)   Miscellany
No2-1997 (124)   Vietnamese and French Cultures
No3-1997 (125)   Eating and Drinking Habits & Cultural Identity (I)
No4-1997 (126)   Eating and Drinking Habits & Cultural Identity (II)
No1-1998 (127)   Cultural Regions of Vietnam
No2-1998 (128)   Aged People in Vietnam
No3-1998 (129)   Environmental Problems in Vietnam
No4-1998 (130)   Vietnamese Theatre, Other Theatres of Asia
No1-1999 (131)   The Cult of Holy Mothers in Vietnam
No2-1999 (132)   Ten Years of Doi Moi: Where is Vietnam’s Economy?
No3-1999 (133)   Miscellany
No4-1999 (134)   Miscellany
No1-2000 (135)   Vietnamese Studies Outside Vietnam
No2-2000 (136)   Thai Studies (II)
No3-2000 (137)   Child Psychology (I)
No4-2000 (138)   Child Psychology (II)
No1-2001 (139)   Taboos and Customs in Vietnam
No2-2001 (140)   Kinh Bac
No3-1001 (141)   Vietnamese Studies (I)
No4-2001 (142)   Vietnamese Studies (II)
No1-2002 (143)   Vietnamese Epics (I)
No2-2002 (144)   Nutrition in Vietnam
No3-2002 (145)   Miscellany
No1-2003 (147)   The First Generation of Modern Vietnamese Scientists
No2-2003 (148)   Science, Education and Culture: Extending the Promise of Doi Moi
No3-2003 (149)   Ethnic Cultures
No4-2003 (150)   The Second Generation of Modern Vietnamese Scientists
In 2004
No.1-2004   Miscellany
No.2-2004   50th Anniversary of Điện Biên Phủ
No.3-2004   Special: Facets of the Culture of Huế
No.4-2004   Miscellany
In 2005
No1-2005 (155)   Thirteen water puppetry troupes of the Red River Delta
No2-2005 (156)   The Hmong Lenh of Sa Pa Cycle of funeral songs (Kruoz Ce)
No.3-2005 (157)   Miscellany
No.4-2005 (158)   Miscellany
In 2006
No.1-2006 (159)   Miscellany
No.2-2006 (160)   Miscellany
No.3-2006 (161)   Miscellany
No.4-2006 (162)   Miscellany
In 2007
No1-2007 (163)   Miscellany
No2 - 2007 (164)   Miscellany
No3 - 2007 (165)   Miscellany
No4 - 2007 (166)   Miscellany
In 2008
No 1+2 - 2008 (167-168)   Miscellany
No3 - 2008 (169)   Miscellany

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