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La Campagne Hồ Chí Minh au coeur de Paris
Author: Vo Van Sung
Format: 14 x 20,5cm
No of pages: 254
Price in Vietnam: vnd 185,000/copy
In Asia: US$ 21.50/copy
In Europe: US$ 22.50/copy
In America & Africa: US$ 23.00/copy

Résolutions du 7e plénum du parti communiste du Vietnam (IXe Congres)
Code: 204
Language: French
Editions Thế Giới
Size: 12 x18
No Pages: 74

Vietnam: 28,000 VND/copy
Asia: US$7.70
Europe: US$8.00
Africa & Ameria: US$8.20

In July 2003, the Party Central Commitee (9th tenure) held its 7th Plenum to review and assess the work with the Fatherland Front, ethnic groups and religions in the new context and identity new tasks for it. The Plenum approved four resolutions: on promoting the strength of the national unity bloc for the gold of “a wealthy people, a strong nation” and a civilized, democratic and equitable society”; on ethnicity-directed work; on religion-directed work; on the renewal of the existing policies and law on land. This small book presents only three first resolution.  
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