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La Campagne Hồ Chí Minh au coeur de Paris
Author: Vo Van Sung
Format: 14 x 20,5cm
No of pages: 254
Price in Vietnam: vnd 185,000/copy
In Asia: US$ 21.50/copy
In Europe: US$ 22.50/copy
In America & Africa: US$ 23.00/copy

Enteristic Necroticans (Pigbel Syndrome) The Enigma of a Paradox
Language: Engllish
Size: 15 x 23
No Pages: 176

Vietnam: 87,500VND/copy
Asia: US$13.20
Europe: US$13.40
Africa & America: US$14.50

This book is a study of an often-fatal illness (50% mortality rate in VN) known as enteritis necroticans (EN). EN is marked by severe hemorrhaging of the intestines and abdomen of malnourished people, often children. Incidents were very common in all of the rural areas of Việt Nam at the time of study in the early 1990s. This study has several goals: to point out the distribution of the disease throughout Việt Nam; to identify key causes and preventive measures; and to inform the health care community in the countryside on how to improve diagnostic and treatment procedures. Although this is a medical study, it is intended for the community healthcare provider and so is not overly technical in its nature.  
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